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Upgrade package. Digital Detector.

ALFA DR is a highly flexible instrument in Digital Radiography that is mainly used as DR upgrade for analogue traditional x-ray. It is based on the cassette-size digital ALFA panel detector, that for its standard formats (35x43 cm) can be used inside traditional bucky and cassette-holder of any analogue x-ray rooms. ALFA DR can be easily installed in the main existing radiological systems, since it is made essentially of: one acquisition station, the cassette-size battery-powered detector and one access point that grants for wi-fi communication between them. ALFA DR works on existing radiological environment without any hardware change. Portable digital ALFA panel detector featuring amorphous Silicon (a-Si) technology and Caesium Iodide (Csl) scintillator that grants for brilliant images with extremely sharp resolution. A crystal Csl scintillator achieves low X-ray doses.

We have incorporated the latest monitor and acquisition software, giving the unit premium usability, workflow and image quality. Large LCD high contrast touch-screen console. Intuitive interface enables ergonomic access to the acquisition and diagnostic. Safe and fast registration of emergency patients. Optimized 3-stage weight dependent imaging enables pediatric patients to avoid unnecessary x-ray exposure using precise dose management. Immediate availability of patient and exam data. Fully integrated radiographic positioning guide for each examination which the help of human anatomical zone icons. Capturing patient and examination data for statistical evaluation. Integrated measuring, special image filters and many other tools. Image stitching for taking images of an entire spine or an entire leg (full spine). Integrated software for automatic image optimization. Professional, adaptable image processing for each individual examination to obtain best possible image settings for the needs of each radiographer. Resolution, luminance, contrast and viewing angles are all excellent. Details of bones and microstructures are very easy to recognize. New battery technology guarantees fast charging and efficient battery management. Clinical details visible in high-attenuation and low-attenuation image areas at the same time. Bones and soft tissue in one image, enabling to significantly improve diagnosis. Perfect images in every exam - generally no adjustment required. Capture of patient data via DICOM Worklist, HL7 or other protocols - data may also be captured manually.

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