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Mammo DR is a mammography unit with a full-field digital detector of a new generation. Comfort for the patient in every position. Elegant stand-alone design is very easy to install and operate. Rapid and easy to use in all clinical investigations or screening conditions. Control panels are easily reached by the operator, located on both sides of the unit, enabling all unit movements. This shortens the time for body position adjustment significantly, efficiently improves the examination and decreases the patient's discomfort. You can take a wider range of breast tissue. Ergonomic design of tube-head rotation eliminates trembling and minimizes errors. With smart compression technology, the compression plate can move at high velocity until it comes into contact with the breast and slows down when compression begins, for minimum patient suffering. After the completeness of shooting, the compression plate releases automatically, making the mammography procedure more comfortable and safe. The operator can stop compression in the optimum stage. Compression paddle with rounded corners is designed to increase patient comfort.

Advanced Flat Panel Detector 24x30 cm with large field of view, accommodates all breast sizes. High MTF and DQE guarantee detection of small and low contrast objects. It substantially decreases irradiation dose. Use of high special resolution detector to satisfy the requirements of breast mammography on details. Mammo DR uses a special amorphous silicon detector for breast mammography. Perfect environmental adaption makes it available for indoor and vehicle application for different intended use. Three modes of exposure: Full Auto, Semi-auto, and Manual, suitable for different operator behaviours.

AWS, acquisition workstation, that is intuitive for the operator. For AWS has touchscreen controls, and are complete with a dedicated management software for patient management, data gathering, viewing and measuring. The system can be preset by the user according to the new procedure, to complete all the process automatically. The operator can process image editing, printing and transmitting in one integrated work-flow. Fast transmission speed, in compliance with the DICOM3.0 protocol, can achieve the link with HIS, RIS and PACS systems.

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