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Mobi DR is a mobile system for Digital Radiography (DR) with Wi-Fi Flat Panel Detector. The portable and fully digital X-ray system with advanced mobility. The essential design to provide light weight and safety. Mobi DR is used for first aid services, intensive care units, emergency departments, as well as ships and mobile hospitals (e.g. container solutions). The Mobi DR system includes all necessary components: X-ray tube, X-ray generator, DR detector and image processing workstation.
Mobi DR is mounted on wheels, allowing it to be placed in the most convenient position depending on the procedure. Large wheels, low center of gravity.
Light weight enabling smooth movement in the hospital and at the bedside.
The advanced design of the Mobi DR is characterized by a sophisticated reduction to essential components and functional operating elements. Four wheels can slide in any direction with large diameter back-wheels and small front-wheels.
The synergistic effect of the lightweight, compact body enables easy handling, even with one hand. Easy passage through narrow doors, corridors and elevators. Overcome small obstacles without problems.
Mobi DR’s sophisticated design makes the system easy to clean.
The innovative unit “Made in Europe” guarantees excellent reliability and safety.
The height of the tube head can easily be adjusted and freely rotated. The detectors are available in different versions and two sizes.
The detector is stored in the Mobile X-ray unit in a convenient horizontal position for safe and ergonomic usage with less stress on hands, arms and shoulders.
The detector is automatically charged when stored inside the mobile unit and ready to use when needed. There is no need to use extra batteries. All day operation without additional charging.

  • Fast and precise positioning of detectors.
  • 100% microprocessor controlled high-frequency generator.
  • High-performance capacitor for stable and reliable power supply.
  • Short exposure times, reduced radiation exposure. Optimization of both image quality and patient dose.
  • Transportability
  • Advanced industrial design
  • All parts are assembled in Europe
  • The LCD display shows the operational status of the system.
  • The integrated generator control
  • Systems can be complemented with a wall stand.
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