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Wednesday, 06 June 2018 10:55 Published in x-ray

MAX DR is newly developed X-ray system, providing multi-functional, high-quality, cost-effective X-ray solutions. It is a single or dual Flat Panel digital system with floor-mounted Tube Stand, Wall Stand and elevating Four-Way table. High quality components were selected to minimize maintenance. MAX DR provides a comfortable working environment and more efficient workflow for both user and patient.


The MAX DR is a high quality, cost effective, compact floor mounted X-ray system. Electromagnetic brakes ensure safe and quick manual positioning of the tube head, wall bucky and tube stand.
Flexible and user-friendly in all general radiographic procedures including chest, spine, complete skele-tal, abdominal, urological and tomography (optional) studies.
A variety of flat DR panels are available as a single or a dual panel system in both table and wall stand. Fixed and wireless panels will cover all needs for maximum flexibility in all standard and special exam-ination set-ups. 43 x 43 or 35 x 43 cm (17" x 17" or 14" x 17") flat panel detectors in Csl technology guarantee lowest patient dose together with optimal image quality.
The X-ray generator delivers the highest performance and reliability in any radiographic environment. Choose from flexible output power configurations including single-phase stored energy version up to 80 kW. Standard for the system is the 50 kW single tube high frequency generator, in three phase with high speed starter. A wide choice of anatomical programs makes it possible for the radiologists to au-tomatize the choice of parameters while examining different areas. The generator is supplied with an on-line self-test system which constantly monitors the state of all the components, including the X-ray tube (the tube overload, the filament state, the anode rotation, etc.).

The fully counterbalanced motorized wall bucky and tube units can be adjusted with near zero-force in any requested position. Manual positioning is a must feature in emergency environments. Vertical bucky is designed for examinations of the lungs, cranium and skeleton of a patient in vertical position. Light movement of the x-ray tube, wall stand and floating table top allows easy patient positioning and high variety of examinations and a more efficient workflow.

The floating top radiographic table with graceful design offers a convenient four-way effortless posi-tioning. An extremely low table top filtration for best exposures. The table can be equipped with a to-mography device TOMO having an exposition in a wide range of angles, velocities and section thick-ness.

Floor-mounted tube holders are available in freestanding with rotational column and transverse arm movement. Their extended vertical tracks allow for skull examinations of tall patients as well as expo-sures of the lower extremities. Full spine and leg studies are possible with stitching.

The Touch screen monitor integrates the control of the PC and generator, no other dedicated control console for the generator is needed. A preview is available within seconds on the touch screen moni-tor, the processed image can be sent to any appropriate workstation in the hospital system.

The daily worklist is automatically downloaded from the Radiology Information System (RIS). Software is integrated with an easily configurable Full DICOM package compatible with any RIS and PACS system or DICOM Printer.

  • Ergonomic design;
  • Optimized performance;
  • Reliable functions;
  • A high image quality (signal/noise);
  • Various contrast equalization Auto Windowing, Noise Reduction, Background filtering;
  • No cassettes or film;
  • A higher throughput;
  • A lower radiation dose (DQE);
  • Contrast & Edge enhancement.