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Saturday, 09 June 2018 08:47 Published in x-ray

VITA DRF performs all types of R/F examinations with high-resolution images and diagnostic accuracy in different application fields: gastroenterology, skeletal system, paediatrics, emergency and traumatology.
The system's compact design and dynamic table movement allow a wide range of clinical applications. Long table top for optimal patient coverage. There is no need to reposition the patient on the table. The tabletop tilting from the vertical position to Trendelenburg position with no limitation. A patient-friendly wide footrest can be mounted on the foot end of the table. The tabletop is made of a material with low X-ray absorption, reducing the exposure dose.

Without moving the tabletop in the longitudinal direction, it is possible to perform studies of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, and vascular system, as well as endoscopic examinations. Full access all around the table. The tubes motorized rotation is suitable for the execution of tomography. VITA DRF offers the most flexibility for a wide range of applications, while providing excellent quality diagnostic images.
The dynamic flat panel with active area 43x43cm is suitable for the examination of any anatomic region and provides almost 50% more coverage than a 16" image intensifier and about 20% than a 35x43 cassette. The Flat Panel technology gives sharp and accurate images without geometric distortion which is typical of image intensifiers. The digital imaging systems meet the most demanding requests for the utmost image quality, dose reduction, greater efficiency and full DICOM connectivity. The pulsed fluoroscopy modes optimize low-dose and real time imaging by reducing radiation. Compared to film, images can be obtained with smaller X-ray exposure doses, shortening imaging time and producing clear images with minimized blurring. The window level is automatically corrected to the optimum grayscale, making it possible to acquire easily viewable images. A program specifically dedicated to pediatric procedures.

With VITA DRF the time needed to perform mixed fluoroscopy and radiography examinations is considerably reduced. Direct digital technique is now used for both fluoroscopy and radiography.
The high frequency generators ensure advanced quality performances in any application fields. An automatic brightness control sets tube voltage and tube current. It provides fluoroscopic images with stable brightness. Generator of VITA DRF complete with straight and powerful anatomical programmer. Image quality adjustment is fully automated. Exposure doses and image levels are changed for each study according to the patient's physique, the region to be examined, and effects from direct X-rays.

Operator can visualize images on high resolution monitor. The included workstation is easy to use and offers a variety of settings. Images are saved to mirrored hard disk in case the first disk fails. The image data to be written on various media types and saved to the PC via USB. Image data can be written with DICOM viewer. The system is fully compliant to DICOM 3.0 protocol. It can be easily integrated with existing HIS/RIS and PACS. A single click transfers acquired images over the network to the image server and the viewer located in the reading room. The stitching function consists of a reconstruction of an X-ray image starting from a series of images. From start to finish, VITA DRF reduces the number of steps required to perform exams. Maximum flexibility for all types of exams.